Assorted Premium Dates Box

Assorted Premium Dates Box


Dates remain the best way to sweeten your life, in this box:

  • Dates Dipped in White Chocolate, Stuffed with dried berries , oats and cornflakes.
  • Dates Dipped in Brown Chocolate, Stuffed with chocolate brownies and Nutella.
  • Dates Dipped in Orange Chocolate,Stuffed with dried oranges, corn flakes, oats, qamar el-din and almonds.
  • Dates Dipped in Strawberry Chocolate,Stuffed with dried strawberry pieces, oats and corn flakes.
  • Dates Dipped in Peanut Butter, Stuffed with peanut butter, corn flakes and oats.
  • Mini Tarts, Hand-made biscuit (low-fat), stuffed with date paste and pistachios.


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